Colts in the Community

The club recognises that it has an important role to play in the local and wider footballing communities. It is committed to promoting and supporting football-based activities, educational activities, community initiatives and good causes.

The club strives to make sure that young children in particular benefit from the positive influences that football can deliver. It will continue to develop opportunities for girl’s and women’s football.

We will support and work with outside agencies, especially disadvantaged groups, as we recognise that we have a role to play in promoting local social inclusion policies. The club continues to develop football coaching opportunities for children with a disability.

School-based club activities are an important part of the club’s community programme. These visits are designed to promote and encourage not only football but also health promotion and social awareness activities.

St Maurices HS – Aid for Malawi Partnership

Cumbernauld Colts has formed a partnership with St Maurice’s High School to support children and adults in the community of Nkhamenya, Malawi. This involves donating old football strips and kits.

To support this great cause, we ask all sections to donate any Colts kits that our members no longer need. These can be left in the back of the players’ lounge for collection.

As well as donating football kits, the school has also raised money for water projects, basic classroom resources, ICT facilities and a scholarship fund.